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What Is The Best Esky For Camping, Australia [2022]

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If you’re looking for the best esky for camping Australia has to offer, you’re in exactly the right place. I decided to write this article to give you a detailed rundown of the best ice boxes Australia sells online.

There are tons of things to think about when you’re searching for the best cool box for camping – size, capacity, ice retention time, weight, and more. First I’ve compiled an easily digestible comparison chart for you to quickly check features of the best esky brands.

Plus, we’ve written detailed esky reviews that go through all the pros and cons of each product in our list. Read on to find the best esky Australia has and make your next camping adventure that little bit easier.

Our Pick for the Best Esky, Australia

It’s really hard to look past the Dometic Cool-Ice 70 Icebox!  It’s a super high quality product with durable seals, latches and handles and is strong enough to sit on. It has a 68 litre capacity so it’s plenty big enough for a large group. It might not be the cheapest option on the list, but of the higher quality ice boxes we’ve reviewed here, it is the best value for money.

Best Ice Box & Esky Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the best eskys I have reviewed in this article.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
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Dometic Cool-Ice 13L Rotomoulded Icebox(+)13L capacity.
(+)Esky Strap.
(+)Refrigeration grade foam insulation.
(+)Sturdy construction.
(+)Drainage plug.
Companion Performance Ice Box With Bail Handle (+)Bail handle.
(+)25L capacity.
(+)Fully insulated.
(+)Lockable lid.
(+)Built-in bottle opener.
(+)Easy drain.
(+) Lightweight.
Dometic Cool-Ice 70 Icebox - 68L(+) 68 Litre Capacity
(+) Refridgeration grade insulation
(+) Sturdy - Can use as a seat
(+) Drainage plug
(+) Lightweight with good handles
(+) Weight = 12kgs

Evakool Icekool Icebox Cooler - 53L(+) New Release
(+) Value for money
(+) 6 days ice retention
(+) Drainage plug
(+) Well insulated
(+) Weight = 8kg

Yeti Tundra Haul Icebox (w/ wheels) - 48L(+) Wheels + handle for easy moving
(+) Rotomould/polyurethane construction for strength
(+) Freezer quality 'Coldlock' gasket
(+) Heavy duty rubber latches for durability

Engel ENGW Ice Box - 20/33/45/55/70/102/158L(+) Engel high quality products
(+) Ice retention up to 8 days
(+) Dry ice compatible
(+) 50mm insulation + silicon seals for great retention
(+) Weight - 12kg for the 55L model

myCOOLMAN Ice Box - 36L(+) New line up
(+) Roromould construction
(+) Rope handles
(+) Built in bottle opener in strap 🙂
(+) If your heart says 'Engel', but your budget says 'No', then take a good look at this unit.

Evakool Fibreglass Icebox - 30/47/60/65/85/110/125/140/200L(+) Spoilt for choice when it comes to sizes
(+) Keep ice for up to 15 days (depending on size)
(+) Superb build quality w/ superior insulation
(+) White, high gloss finish
(+) Weight: 13kg for 65L model

Ice Chest Cooler Box - 96L(+) 96L capacity
(+) Extendable handle + wheels
(+) Up to 72 hours ice retention
(-) Basic construction - get it if you're really cost focussed

Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer - 45L(+) More of a 12V/240V camping fridge
(+) Heats and cools
(+) Polyurethane construction
(-) Requires power
(-) Weighs in at 9.5kg
(-) One of Crazy Sales products - uber cheap, check it out and decide.

Best Esky Reviews, Australia

Take a look at our ice box reviews to help you choose the best esky to buy for your next camping trip.

Dometic Cool-Ice 13L Icebox

Dometic is well-known for producing high-quality eskys. Here is another to add to your next adventure trip. The Dometic Cold-Ice Iceboxes are built in a smooth, seamless design with food-grade polyethylene, which provides exceptionally good insulation that can keep your drinks cold and maintain the freshness of your food for several days.

The external dimensions measure 38.8L x 24.5W x 30.5H and the internal is 31.5L x 17W x 25H with a capacity of 13L or 8 cans . These roto-moulded iceboxes are compact yet durable and simple to handle, with refrigeration grade foam insulation for the best performance. It comes with a shoulder strap and integrated tie-down points for mounting on your car.

A 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty applies to the Dometic Waeco 13L Cool-Ice Icebox WCI-13.


  • Lightweight.
  • Thick refrigeration-grade foam insulation.
  • Drain Plug.

Check the price on Tentworld by clicking here.

Companion Performance Ice Box Review

The ideal size to store a couple of drinks/food for a quick trip or picnic. It has a seamless roto-moulded construction that is fully insulated. The 25L Performance RM measures 633 x 350 x 336(h)mm and has a maximum capacity of 34 375ml cans. With its bail handle, you can simply lift and transfer it.

The icebox can be locked with its heavy-duty rubber pull handles, and it includes a silicone lid gasket that helps seal the icebox super tightly, keeping your beverages cold much longer. If you forget to pack your bottle opener, don’t worry since it comes with it. It can be easily drained by unscrewing the drainage plug and allowing the water to drain out.


  • Drain Plug.
  • Bail Handle.
  • Compact.
  • Sturdy Insulation.

Check the price on Outback Equipment by clicking here.

Dometic Esky Review: Dometic Cool-Ice 70 Icebox – 68L

This esky is made with food grade polyethylene that is seamless in design meaning no hot air can get in and no cold air escapes. The quality of this product is evident – it’s got a sturdy build and strong handles.

It measures in at 69cm W x 51.5cm D x 43.2cm H. The insulation is 5cm thick giving you internal dimensions of 58cm W x 40cm D x 33cm H. The weight is 12kg and it has a capacity of 68 litres which translates into about 96 cans.

This esky is really easy to clean since it includes a drain plug. It’s also easy to transport or use on the move with its tie down points below the handles. This one doesn’t have a cushioned seat top but Evakool assures it is plenty strong enough to be used as one. If you’re looking for the best esky cooler from a super reputable brand, it’s well worth a look.


  • 68 litre capacity
  • Sturdy – can use as a seat
  • Drain plug

Check price on Tentworld by clicking here.

Evakool Icekool Icebox Cooler – 53L

A reliable icebox from well known brand Evakool. This esky is made with sturdy, thick polyethylene and has tough handles and closing mechanisms to make a really tough product.

This one measures in at 43.5cm W x 60cm L x 41.5cm for the exterior, with the interior dimensions being 35cm W x H x 51.5cm and an insulation thickness of approximately 5cm. It has a capacity of 53 litres which works out to about 75 cans of beer. This size has an ice retention time of 6 days!

Clean up is easy since it includes a drainage plug. As with most Evakool eskys, you can sit on it, even though it’s not cushioned. The handles can also be used as tie down points if required.


  • 53 litre capacity
  • 6 days of ice retention
  • Stong enough to sit on
  • Drainage plug

Check price on Tentworld by clicking here.

Yeti Tundra Haul Icebox (w/ wheels) – 48L

This product is like the swiss army knife of eskys i.e. tons of features. It’s made with sturdy polyethylene and comes equipped with a durable trolly handle enabling you to pull it behind you and make the journey that much easier. The latches are designed to be super durable and able to handle bumpy, rough terrain without popping open.

Yeti wants you to roll in comfort too — it’s shaped in a way to spare your heels. It measures in at 28.3cm L x 49.5cm H x 47.3cm D at the exterior and 48.3cm L x 34.6cm H x 28.6cm D on the inside. It weighs 16.8 kg and can fit 25kg of ice or about 45 cans of beer.

This is one tough esky that is likely to last you a lifetime. You’ll also get a one year warranty with your purchase for your peace of mind. If you’re looking for the best ice box to buy for 4wd adventures or rough terrain, it’s worth checking out.


  • 25kg/45 cans capacity
  • Equipped with wheels and pulley handle
  • Strong handles
  • One year warranty

Check price on Tentworld by clicking here.

Engel ENGW Ice Box – 20/33/45/55/70/102/158L

You can grab this box in 20, 33, 45, 55, 70, 102 or 158 litre capacity. It prides itself on having an incredible ice retention time of up to eight days. This esky is made with seamless polyethylene that ensures no cold air can escape and no hot air can get in.

This product can be used with dry ice and has 5 cm of insulation and quality latches. If you choose to, sitting on this esky isn’t a problem due to its strength.

Once the party’s over, cleaning up isn’t a big deal, since you can drain the liquid using the plug hole and there are durable rope handles on each side. Plus, you get a one year manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase.


  • 20, 33, 45, 55, 70, 102 or 158 litre capacity
  • Larger sizes can be used as a seat
  • Dry ice compatible
  • Up to 8 days ice retention

Check price on Caravan RV Camping by clicking here.

myCOOLMAN Ice Box – 36L

This esky has been made to withstand an outdoors life. It’s got tough, durable locking mechanisms, and the side handles use rope with rubber grips to ensure transporting your load is comfortable.

This one measures in at 61.5 L x 4.35 W x 42.0 H with a weight of 10.8kg. The esky’s on the smaller size at 36 litres, so it’s perfect for small families and/or solo travellers. It has a substantial 5cm thick insulation in its walls to ensure your food and drink is kept cool.

If you’re a beer lover, this esky is a great choice since it includes a built in bottle opener! Plus, rest assured with your purchase — there’s a one year warranty included.


  • 36 litre capacity
  • Built in bottle opener
  • One year warranty

Check price on Caravan RV Camping by clicking here

Evakool Fibreglass Icebox – 30/47/60/65/85/110/125/140/200L

Evakool prides itself on being able to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions – retaining ice up to 15 days. This esky is made with care, pride, and quality — the latches and handles feel super solid.

It’s made from a high quality white gloss fibreglass, and you can get it about any size you like. This product will not dent, rust, or corrode. You really can detect the quality – everything feels as if it could last a lifetime.

Clean up is easy since this esky has a drainage hole with a plug and the interior is easy to wipe clean. You can use the handles as tie down points. With your purchase, you’ll get an impressive five year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Up to 15 days ice retention
  • Five year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Great build quality

Check price on the popular 65L model at Caravan RV Camping by clicking here

Ice Chest Cooler Box – 96L

You can pick this product up for an absolute bargain of a price! This esky is made with durable PE plastic and comes equipped with wheels and a handy pulley to make excursions as easy as possible.

It has an impressive 96 litre capacity with exterior dimensions of 77cm x 47cm x 45cm and weighing in at about 9.2kg This esky can maintain the same temperature for up to 72 hours.

When it comes to cleaning up, no worries since there’s a handy drainage plug. Plus, with your purchase, you’ll get a 14 day, DOA manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 96 litre capacity
  • Strong pulley handle and wheels
  • Insulates up to 72 hours


  • Not designed for long term ice retention

Check price on Crazy Sales by clicking here

Thermoelectric Cooler+Warmer – 45L

This esky sets itself apart from the pack by being a powered device – it works on AC or DC power and you can decide if you want it to act as a coolbox or a device to keep things warm.

It has a 45 litre capacity (approx 72 cans), exterior dimensions of 56.5cm W x 38.5cm D x 44.5cm with the inside dimensions being 44cm W x 33.5cm D x 33cm H and weighs in at 9.5kg.

There are two internal compartments so it’s easy to keep food and drinks separate. Along with your purchase, you’ll get a one year manufacturer’s warranty, so you really have nothing to worry about!


  • 45 litre capacity
  • Multifunctional
  • Strong pulley handle and wheels
  • One year warranty


  • Need access to power

Check price on Crazy Sales by clicking here

What Esky Sizes do you Need?

When looking at esky sizes, remember to check both the internal space (capacity) and the external dimensions.

You might think bigger means better when it comes to eskys, since it can hold more. However, when searching for the best ice box for camping, bear in mind that you need to transport, carry, and eventually store your esky, so a small one could be the best size esky for camping.

There’s a huge range of esky sizes out there and it can seem confusing when it comes to choosing one. Generally, a large size esky is around 60 litres and up. If you’re looking for the best small esky Australia has on offer, there are still some great options under 50 litres.

Features of the Best Esky for Camping

When looking for the best ice box Australia has to offer for camping, there are a few things you need to consider.


As mentioned above, capacity is measured in litres and many of the products I’ve reviewed actually come in a range of different size options.

Even the best small cool box won’t do the job if you are looking to keep a large group’s drinks or a week’s worth of food at a time. Consider how much food and drink you intend to keep when looking for the best icebox for camping for your needs.

Ice Retention Time & Insulation

The best camping esky needs to keep your food and drink cold for as long as you need it to. Many esky and ice cox brands will let you know in the specifications what their “ice retention time” is (how long they will keep ice frozen for). It’s worth keeping an eye out for this figure in the below reviews.

The best cooler box needs to have high quality seals and substantial wall thickness to prevent the ice from melting too quickly and in turn letting your food or drink get warm.

If you usually only take short or overnight trips, a lower retention time might be a little cheaper and still suit your needs. However, if you take a lot of longer camping trips, it’s a good idea to spend a little more money and get a longer ice retention time.


The best ice boxes for camping are those that are easily portable. You’ll want to have strong handles to pick the esky up and perhaps wheels to make transporting your goods that bit easier.

A fully loaded esky can weigh a substantial amount and the last thing you want is for a handle to snap off and the contents become damaged. All eskys on our list have a good build quality to ensure there will be no spilt beer.

Ease of Cleaning

The best esky in Australia needs to be easy to clean. Most eskys have an easily wipeable interior. Consider purchasing an esky that has a drainage plug at the bottom since this makes the clean up process a lot simpler and doesn’t involve any heavy lifting of the box.


The best ice box in Australia could be a heavier one. A heavier esky can mean sturdier quality and more insulation. But there are also some really great lightweight eskys out there.

Consider that the box will be made much heavier by whatever you’re filling it up with – ensure you can lift the whole thing without throwing out your back in the process.

Extra features

The best camping ice box for your needs might include a few extra features.

  • Cushioned seat – this provides a handy extra seat for wherever you’re out exploring or celebrating.
  • Locks – great for keeping naughty kids out of the snacks. Or, if you’re transporting expensive goods, a box with this feature is probably the best esky on the market for you.
  • Internal lights – If you’re out in the dark, an internal light built into the lid is super handy.
  • Tie down points – if you’re transporting your esky in the back of a truck, or perhaps you’re using it out on the boat, tie down points are a handy feature.

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