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The Best Swag, Australia 2020

Best Swag in Australia for 2020

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Like any product you will take with you on more remote and outback trips, you need to get some knowledge on how to select the best swag Australia has on offer that best suits your needs.

This best swag review will take you through some basic information on what you need to look for so you can confidently answer the question of ‘what is the best swag’ for you.



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  • Types of swags.
  • Sizes of swags.
  • Material quality.
  • Features – mattress quality, ventilation, zips, poles.

If you’re good with all this, then just click on the links immediately below to see more info, prices and reviews on the best swags in Australia in 2020.
Or see our comparison table to get a quick summary. Just click here.

Our Pick for the Best Swags, Australia in 2020

Adventure Kings Deluxe Single Swag
Adventure Kings Deluxe Escape Single Swag – For all round serviceability and value for money, you can’t go too far wrong with the good old 4WD Supacentre.  The swag has plenty of room, 400gm/sq.m rip stop canvas, PVC waterproof ‘bucket’ floor, good ventilation and reasonable head room at 800mm.

These guys go for the ‘middle of the road’ territory.  It works, and that’s all you can ask.

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Adventure Kings Deluxe Escape Single Swag.

However …… if you’re looking for the next step up, take a good look at the Darche Steel Dusk to Dawn Dome Swag

Darche Steel Dusk to Dawn SwagThis is a ‘King Single’ and has comes with internal pockets, heaps of room inside, boot mat etc. 

The one thing I love about this style of swag is the 180o panoramic sky view feature. A few years ago, I was on a motorcycle ride out past Broken Hill.  Stayed at Eldee Station one night.  There was a storm way, deep in the south-east. The lightning created this amazing light show, and being in a swag with a sky view made for an unforgettable experience.

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Darche Steel Dusk to Dawn Dome Swag.

The Best Swags (Australia) 2020 – Comparison Table

Here is quick comparison table of swag reviews.  This will help you quickly check out the features and benefits of what we believe are the best swags in Australia today.

NameImagePros (+)/Cons (-)Latest Price
Adventure Kings Deluxe Single Swag(+)[BEST VALUE] Value for money, roomy, PVC waterproof 'bucket' floor, ripstop fabric.
(-) Basic product, no frills.
Darche Dusk to Dawn Dome Swag(+)[OUR PICK] Excellent product from Darche, free standing, 180 degree star gazing views, excellent ventilation, very roomy, storm cover, boot mat, storage pockets.
(-) It's pricey, but you will get a superior product.
Darche 'Air-Volution' Dome Swag(+)[NEW DESIGN] Innovative - shape is by internal air frame, no poles or ropes required, super fast setup, roomy, all the features of the Dusk to Dawn.
(-) Price - however, this is a superb product.
Kulkyne Twin Homestead Swag (+) Very roomy, off the ground, comfortable mattress setup, screens, storm flaps.
(-) 40mm mattress, setup time - if you're staying for a few days, perfect!
Oztrail Easy Fold Tent Stretcher(+) Easy to setup, off the ground, good ventilation, plenty of headroom.
(-) Not really a swag, but they work!
AOS Bushman Deluxe Swag(+) Basic, traditional swag, very well made, comes in 4 sizes (S,KS,D,Q), 10 yr warranty
(-) No frills, that's it.
Mitchell Expedition Single Swag(+) Lightweight, top entry for ease of getting in and out, replacement for the Mitchell King swag
(-) None

Next Steps

If you’re new to swag camping, then keep reading to get all the good information on how to decide what will work best for you. 

Otherwise, head to the full detailed reviews below by clicking here.

If the products in the table aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, go for a browse through our Online Catalogue; where you’ll find a range of popular Australian Swags – just click here.

If you’ve broken a pole, or need a bag for your swag, then click here.

Features and Benefits of The Best Australian Swags

Types of Swags

Traditional or Bedroll Swag

These have been around forever, and as the name suggests they are a mattress in a large canvas pocket.  They have either a zip or press studs up one side for ease of getting in and out of it.

The single biggest benefit is they are quick and easy to set up; just unleash the strap and roll them out.  They are relatively light and generally can take any amount of punishment.

If there is a disadvantage, there’s nothing keeping the top canvas cover off your face if you need to snuggle down during the night.  Some users are OK with this, others find it off-putting.

Dome or Tunnel Swags

As the name suggests, they’re like a camping cot.  They do take a bit more time to set up, as it involves poles and ropes.

These days they offer good ventilation with insect screening and the design creates a space between you and the canvas.  For me, these are the best camping swag to take with you, unless space is a premium.

Air Swags

One of the latest innovations in dome swags is removing the need for ropes and poles with the shape of the swag being kept in place by inflating an air frame.  A high volume, low pressure pump is used, and it takes between 10 and 15 seconds.

These are very quick to setup, stable and still provide all of the benefits of a dome swag.

Swag Sizes

For quick reference, here are the three sizes for swags

  • Single – 180-230cm (L) x 60-90cm (W)
  • King – 180-230cm (L) x 90-110cm (W)
  • Double – 190-230cm (L) x 110-130cm (W)

To pick which is the best swag to buy for your needs, take into account your height and weight. Pretty simple really.


One of the more important aspects of picking the best swag to buy.  When outdoors, sometimes it’s going to get damp through the night.  Even if you’re under a gazebo or canvas fly, either rain or dew is going to get onto your swag. 

To keep you warm and dry, the best material is canvas; and it must have the basic characteristics: –

  • Weight – minimum 400gm/sq.m (12 oz), better if it’s around 540gm/sq.m (16 oz), where ‘oz’ refers to a traditional imperial measure of canvas strength and quality and stands for ‘ounces per square yard’. Gm/sq.m is grams per square metre, the metric equivalent.
  • Sewing – seams need to be sewn with high gauge cotton thread; which expands when it gets wet to seal off where the canvas is joined.
  • Ripstop weaves – most durable canvas is made in a particular way to resist tearing if a hole develops. Again, worth having.
  • Mould resistance – it isn’t always possible to pack your swag away when it’s dry when you’re out on the road. To avoid mould and mildew attacking the fabric, it’s a good investment to make sure it’s rot proofed.

Climate Rating

Depending on where you intend to go, always check the climate rating on the swag.  Some of the lighter swags are not that good for colder areas.

Other Features

Things to watch out for are about overall quality.  Check for quality of poles, zips, ventilation and last, but definitely not least, the mattress.  More on mattresses below.

Water Proofing Your New Swag

When you get hold of your new swag, don’t forget you need to put it up in the back yard, and wet the canvas and all stitched seams down well with the hose.  Then let it dry out completely. 

This process may have to be repeated a couple of times.  Refer to the instructions that come with the sway of your choice.

This causes the cotton stitching to swell and make an effective waterproof seal. Otherwise it isn’t completely waterproof!

Best Swag Mattress

Let’s talk mattresses. ?

Swags, roof top tents, cot tents mattresses are typically in the depth range of 50mm to 75mm.  They’re made that way to minimise storage space.

We’ve got a roof top tent and a cot tent; and I found it hard to get rid of the old numb hip by morning. What we did is go and buy a cheap air mattress to give an extra amount of pliability to the sleeping area. You can pick them up for around $20 – $35 from discount warehouse stores.

A 2.03m X 1.52m X 0.22cm fits our roof top tent perfectly. Add in a 12V air pump (For example, Coleman Inflate-All 12V Air Pump) which you can pick up for around $20. 

The only disadvantage is you lose head room, but for my money it’s the best swag mattress arrangement.  The loss of head room is a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep; and makes for one of the best swag setups you can have.

Once the deflated, the air mattress takes up very little room, and can be rolled up with the swag.

You can check out some pumps here – Air Bed Pumps

And check out some air beds here – Air Mattresses.

Also, if getting down onto the ground is an issue, remember, you can pop your swag onto a canvas camp stretcher to get you up off the ground, away from moisture, crawling insects and reptiles.

Take a look at some suitable camp stretchers here – Camp Stretchers .

Best Swag Reviews

By now you should know enough to know what could work for you.  Here are some swags for you to check out, and hopefully help you get the best swag to buy.

Adventure Kings Deluxe Escape Single Swag

Good all-round product.  We have a number of the Adventure Kings brand products, and they work well.

This one is generous in the size area for a single swag, and has large storm flaps and good ventilation.

They also make a double swag (the Big Daddy) with a similar design, which has a footprint of 215cm x 155cm and headroom of 100cm, which makes it one of the biggest swags on the Australian market.  So, if you’re looking for some additional room, take a look at this one.

Specs (Single Swag)

  • Size: 210cm(L) x 90cm(W) x 80cm(H)
  • Material: 400gm/sq.m polycotton canvas (ripstop)
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: PVC ‘Bucket’ Floor
  • Weight: ~ 12kgs

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Adventure Kings Deluxe Escape Single Swag; or

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Adventure Kings ‘Big Daddy’ Deluxe Double Swag.

Darche Steel Dusk to Dawn Dome Swag – King Single

The Darche brand has been around for decades, and no product review would be complete without highlighting their kit.

Darche make good products that deserve to be under the banner of best Australian swags.

This one is not cheapest out there, but it sure has a dray-load of impressive features. It’s free standing, offers 180o ‘star gazing’ views, excellent ventilation, it’s large inside, storage pockets for things like phones, full storm cover, boot mat.

Specs (King Single)

  • Size: 215cm(L) x 110cm(W) x 81cm
  • Material: 420gm/sq.m ripstop canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: PVC Vinyl
  • Weight: ~ 14.3kgs

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Darche Steel Dusk to Dawn Swag.

Darche Air-Volution Swag

Darche Air Volution Swag

This is another innovation from Darche, who are one of the best swag brands around – the air swag.  This style of camping gear, which eliminates the need for poles and ropes, is making an appearance on the outdoors scene.

A low pressure, high volume pump is used to inflate an internal frame to provide the shape and stability once the domain of the traditional poles and ropes arrangement.

It offers the big advantage of it being super quick.  Times of 10 seconds to 15 seconds to complete the setup is being claimed by the manufacturers. 

From our own experience with air pole outdoor/camping gazebos, they are the best thing since sliced bread.  Good wind resistance means they hold their shape in a range of weather conditions.

It comes with all the top shelf features of the Darche range of swags.  Good ventilation, internal pockets, good headroom, quality construction all round.

If there’s any downside, it’s the price at this point in time.  However, if you’re on the move, this is surely one of the best ways to get setup for the night.

Here’s a short video showing the key features of this style of swag.


  • Size: 215cm(L) x 110cm(W) x 80cm
  • Material: 320gm/sq.m poly/cotton ripstop canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: PVC Vinyl
  • Weight: ~ 14kgs

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Darche Air-Volution Air Swag.

Kulkyne Kampers Homestead Swag

Kulkyne Double Homestead Swag

I’ve put this one in here, it’s not one of the more prominent brands on the Australian scene, but is well worthy of consideration.

It comes with a few things I personally like in a swag setup.  It’s roomy, up off the ground, good ventilation, insect screens, storm flaps and has a comfortable mattress setup.  There’s also an optional sleeping bag specifically designed to go with this swag.

There’s also a twin Homestead Swag, designed for a couple and would have to be one of the best double swags in Australia. 

Please note:  the double swag has a supporting bar length way down the middle, so it’s not suitable for a larger person wanting extra room.  You’re better off looking at the Adventure Kings Deluxe Escape Big Daddy Swag.

Specs (Single Swag)

  • Size: 225cm(L) x 100cm(W) x 80cm
  • Material: 440gm/sq.m canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 40mm
  • Flooring: Canvas
  • Weight: ~ 14kgs

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Kulkyne Kampers Homestead Swags.

Oztrail Easy Fold Tent Stretcher Bed

While on the topic of different takes on the best swag setup, one worthy of consideration is the stretcher tent, or cot tent.

I own one of these, and honestly, they’re pretty damn good. ?

You’re up off the ground, and that’s important when you get up in years.  They take no more time to setup than any other swag arrangement, and stow down to a very manageable size and weight.  Good headroom, ventilation and size to sleep an adult comfortably.

We put ours under a gazebo, just for a bit more all-round weather protection.  Other than that, they’re a good, robust unit.

I’ve picked the Oztrail brand, but there’s a few out there.  It’s a matter of which one takes your fancy.


  • Size: 200cm(L) x 80cm(W) x 140/42cm
  • Material: Synthetic UVTex fabric with water repellent treatment
  • Mattress Thickness: 40mm
  • Flooring: Synthetic
  • Weight: ~ 12.5kgs

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Oztrail Easy Fold Stretcher Tent.

AOS Bushman Deluxe Apex Swag

AOS Bushman Deluxe Swag

This is an Aussie made product, and it’s one of the best traditional swags around.  It has a water and rot-proof base top and base made from a quality 470gm/sq.m canvas.  Carry bag, pegs, guy ropes are all included in the price, and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s also available in a number of sizes – Single, King Single, Double and Queen.

Mattress is 70mm and comes fitted with a removable, washable cover.

Specs (Single Swag)

  • Size: 200cm(L) x 71cm(W) x 70cm (Height at head)
  • Material: 470gm/sq.m polycotton canvas (plain weave)
  • Mattress Thickness: 70mm
  • Flooring: Canvas
  • Weight: ~ 8.7kgs

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the AOS Bushman Deluxe Apex Single Swag.

Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Single Swag

This is an update of the popular Mitchell King swag, which has been around for a while.  A good solid product with a durable construction at a reasonable price point.

AOS Bushman Deluxe SwagIt uses a lighter, proprietary ‘SatProof’ fabric in conjunction with conventional ripstop canvas to provide a lighter swag with the benefits of canvas.

The top entry arrangement makes it easy to get in and out of the swag.

It also has an eyelet for an optional centre ridge pole to pitch it without needing guy ropes, which can be big plus in rocky or hard surfaced camp areas.

The mesh windows use the finer No-See-Um fabric, which gives good ventilation and keeps anything that might decide to have a feed off you well and truly on the outside.

Specs (Single Swag)

  • Size: 210cm(L) x 90cm(W) x 70cm (Height at head)
  • Material: 230gm/sq.m ‘SatProof’ + ripstop canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: PVC Vinyl Shield
  • Weight: ~ 6.3kgs

Click here for more details, prices and reviews on the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag.

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