Yamaha EF2200iS, 2200w Inverter Generator, 4 Year Warranty

Yamaha EF2200iS, 2200w Inverter Generator, 4 Year Warranty. The all new EF2200iS strikes the perfect balance between power & portability.

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Yamaha EF2200iS, 2200w Inverter Generator, 4 Year Warranty. The all new EF2200iS strikes the perfect balance between power & portability. It provides an extra 200W compared to the versatile EF2000iS, yet it’s lighter and smaller than the workhorse EF2400iS. Powerful enough for appliances, tools and electronic devices without taking too much valuable space. It’s the ideal generator for campers, caravanners, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Features: Power More Accessories: With a 12V DC outlet, you have more choices of accessories to plug in. Instant Restart: With a reset button, there’s no need to restart the generator when you overload it. Easily Check Status: Take the guesswork out of figuring out your generators stats with the multi-function LED indicator with incorporated night running light to illuminate the control panel in the dark. When You Need More Power: Boost feature gives you extra grunt when you need it 10.5 Hours Running Time: With a 4.7 litre fuel tank, it runs for a whole hour longer than its closest competitor. Super Quiet Operation: You don’t want to be bothered by a noisy generator. Yamaha’s Quiet Technology ensures you and your neighbours can enjoy nature and its sounds. Fuel Efficient: Yamaha’s Smart Throttle feature adjusts the engine speed to match the load, increasing fuel efficiency and noise reduction. Clean Power: The EF2200iS produces clean, high power using Pulse Width Modulation which ensures that sensitive electronic devices can be run without damage. Carry It, Move It Around: Thanks to the innovative Tri-Handle design, you can comfortably move the generator around. Even awkward storage spaces area are easily navigated. With another person to share your load, transporting the generator becomes effortless! More Power Options: When out on a trip, chances are you’ll be bringing multiple electronic items with you. Keep them powered with this generator’s 12V DC outlet. With 3 amp output, it effortlessly charges all your devices. Unlike a built-in USB port, you are not limited to devices with USB cables. You can power many more gear, such as portable coolers/heaters, vacuum cleaners, air pumps and many others. Easy Access: You don’t need to fumble around the toolbox when you need to open the back cover for cleaning & maintenance. The tool-less bolts keep the cover secure, while making it easy when it needs to be opened. 4 Year Warranty For Your Peace Of Mind: Yamaha generators are designed and built to the highest standards to ensure that our customers get to enjoy the performance and quality that Yamaha are known for. With a 4 year limited warranty, you can be assured that if you need assistance, Yamaha are there to take care of you. Minimise Damage: The recoil starter and switches are flush with the body, preventing scratches on your furniture, vehicles, or any surface the generator comes in contact with. Prevent Leaks And Stale Fuel: With its fuel drain switch, you can easily drain fuel from the generator before storing it. No need to let the generator run to burn off excess fuel. No more stale fuel sitting in the tank. Boost Mode Switch: The boost mode switch raises up the number of rotation of the engine temporarily (for approximately 60 seconds). When using devices that require a large starting current, such as a compressor of a submersible pump or refrigerator, use this switch. To enter the boost mode, push the boost mode switch for 3 seconds. To exit the boost mode, push the boost mode switch for 3 seconds again.