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Point Lookout Day Trip

We’ve just ordered two Mojitos.  It is, after all, well past 10:00am.  In fact, by several minutes. 

We’re sitting in ‘French Ease’, the dining and cocktail place on Mooloomba Road at Point Lookout.  Reclining on a generously cushioned cane lounge, perched on the cliff with amazing views out across the ocean.  The cotton wool white fluff of a distant swell breaking on rocks out to sea from the point.  Deep blue of the ocean, the greenery along the headland that embraces Frenchman’s Beach.  Straight off a postcard.

Deadman’s Beach Point Lookout

We look at each other after a while, thinking maybe they’ve forgotten our order. Raise my hand to attract the attention of one of the staff.  Quick question; answer is no, but it will be along shortly.

Our drinks do arrive, and they are fantastic.  Reason for the delay they had to slip over to the fruit and veg store to get some fresh mint.  Nice.

After a bite to eat; and to finish off the Mojitos; we head down to Cylinder Beach.  We go for a swim.  Even though it’s a windy day, the northerly aspect of Cylinder Beach means it’s protected from all but the most direct wind.  It’s a great place for families to swim and is fully patrolled by the Point Lookout Surf Life Guards through busy periods like school holidays and over the summer.

After our swim, we drive over to Amity Point for a late lunch at ‘Seashells at Amity’ on Ballow Street. It is one large covered verandah with a café style menu.  It is also licenced. Their burgers are highly recommended.

Our vehicular ferry is scheduled to leave at 4:30pm, so we head back towards Dunwich. We do have some time up our sleeve, so we decide to go over to Bumeira (Brown Lake).  Bumeira, and like the other lakes on North Stradbroke Island are classified as ‘perched lakes’.  A thick mat of decayed vegetation over the centuries have sealed them against the sand in which they sit. The water has a brown tinge to it, caused by the tannins in the leaves and vegetation in the perch layer seeping into the water.  It’s not dirty, but refreshingly clean.

Aerial View Main Beach – North Stradbroke Island

Back on the vehicular ferry we muse to ourselves about the Mojito experience.  A thought, an idea turns from the vague and ill-defined to the concrete. The birth of the ‘Mojito Express’. A 4WD to tow our camping trailer that will carry us to places where we can set up a remote campsite to enjoy Sundowners, a cocktail to end the perfect day.  This is not your everyday day trip.  Then again, we’re not you everyday couple either.

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