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On To Geraldton – The Journey North Begins

Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th June

We bid farewell to our Bed n Breakfast hosts in Rockingham, heeding their advice to by-pass Perth traffic at that time of the day. The rain follows us through the Swan Valley and slowly begins to clear as we head north to join the coastal road near Cervantes.  We detour to Lancelin for a quick bite before making our way to see the popular Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park.

Aerial – The Pinnacles (Nambung National Park)

Although the 4 km stretch of road that showcases these thousands of limestone pillars is closed, we are not disappointed as we follow the short pedestrian path that leads down onto an almost lunar-like landscape, the likes of which we have not seen before.

Soon Keith joins a fellow visitor who is capturing drone shots nearby. Their fun is abruptly interrupted by two passers-by who begin to behave in a rather agitated way, which perplexes us as there is plenty of space and viewing opportunity for the many visitors who are happily milling around. To our amusement, once the agitators have moved on, our fellow drone-operator quips in a broad ‘pommie’ accent “Ooi ad a good moind to show ‘em sum fecken ATTITOOOOD!

Darkness has fallen by the time we reach Geraldton and make our way to our cabin in the Bellair Caravan Park, situated close to the port. Our plan to stay for only one night changes once we speak to Neil at the local ARB the following morning about our concerns over what seems to be a sagging suspension on the Jeep.

We take his advice to find a weighbridge that confirms that we’re hovering close to the gross vehicle mass (GVM). Through Neil arrangements are made to have airbags fitted to support the rear suspension, deemed essential for this stage of our travel. Neil graciously organises for a local mechanic, Jeremy at Southside Mechanical Geraldton, to source the airbags from Perth overnight.

We make the most of this unexpected delay by finding a delightful little cabin situated at the other end of the bay in the Sunset Caravan Park. We end the day with a walk on the beach, followed by sundowners to soak up the magnificent views. We dine on a delicious lamb casserole from a local butcher and retire early, lulled to sleep by the gentle sound of the waves.

Aerial – Sunset Beach Geraldton

By lunch time the next day Jeremy and his team have the airbags fitted, allowing us to continue our journey north to Denham; and grateful for the help and hospitality we have received from the good people of Geraldton. The air bag modification proves to be invaluable with an immediate and marked improvement in the roadholding of the vehicle.

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