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Great Ocean Road Day 2: Torquay to Apollo Bay

We’re travelling from Torquay to Apollo Bay today, a distance of  54 kilometres. After overnighting in a delightful AirBnB in Torquay, Keith took us to Cafe Moby for a coffee shop and to plan our day.

We set off with the roof down (of course) and ducked in to see the famous Bells Beach, which did not disappoint. I could have stayed there all day gazing out at the magnificent view of surfer’s riding epic waves in a vista that offered a feast for the eye.

Our next stop was Point Addis where the panorama of sea and sky. The distant view of a lone surfer paddling out in the bay far below us captured the mood of the moment.

Still hugging the coast we wound down to explore Point Roadnight Beach.  Here rock formations were bejeweled with seaweed and reminded me of building sandcastles by trickling wet sand into towers of various shapes and sizes … quite beautiful!

We made our way to Lorne to lunch on burgers and cold beer before continuing our journey to Apollo Bay. We found a place on the outskirts of Apollo Bay that has a balcony where we can enjoy the views with sundowners.

Torquay to Apollo Bay - Point Roadknight
Lunar-like Landscape Point Roadknight Beach – Torquay to Apollo Bay

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