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Fat Bike Ride – Southport Spit

Sunday 28th January

Distance: 10km

It is a sultry Sunday morning as we set off for The Spit on the Gold Coast strip. It is a long weekend here so everyone has the same intention: To escape the heat and humidity and to head to the beach for the day.

We decide to go for a beach ride.  The tide is right, with low water around 8:30 am giving us plenty of hard sand to ride on.

My ride today is an Apollo fat bike.  Fitted out with a Bafang 1000W mid drive electric motor. 4.5” tyres; perfect for beach/sand riding.  My introduction to e-biking.

After a few laps around the beach car park to get the feel of the e-bike, we set off past life-saver tower number 42 where an expanse of sea and sand awaits us.

I am given free rein on the electric fat bike and take off in a northerly direction, leaving Keith to graciously do the hard pedalling on the non-electrified bike.

Ten kilometres of beach riding and I am sold on e-biking!

Beach Day – Southport Spit Australia Day holiday

We retire to our vantage spot under the Casuarinas to watch the beach world go by. I lean back in my nifty beach chair in the shade to drink it all in.

But wait! Apart from the beach chairs and fancy beach umbrella, yet another item of gadgetry emerges as Keith produces an expandable monopod for a selfie!

We could stay here all day but decide to make our way home ahead of a traffic snarl that worsens as a nearby bushfire attracts emergency services and disrupts the entire scene.

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  1. Nickola

    Lovely Marise – living the GC life!!

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