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Binna Burra Weekend

Sunday 24th, Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th February 2019

It’s the early hours of the morning.  A gust of wind hits the roof top tent.  The whole trailer sends out a mild shudder.  Moments later a dull thud comes from nearby.  It’s a branch, brought down by the unrelenting wind.  I’m wide awake.  Waiting for the tell-tale sounds of the gazebo tent letting go.

I head down the ladder of the rooftop tent, head lamp on, to take a look around.  All good, no pegs pulled out, nothing torn or broken.  So far so good.

We decided to go up to Binna Burra for a couple of days away, despite the ongoing effects of Cyclone Oma.  Also, to test out the gazebo tent for the first time.  We’d put up the roof top tent the weekend before; and were pretty happy with the way it worked.  This time it’s the full monty.

Gazebo Tent

I’d had a heavy duty 3m x 3m gazebo in the shed for a while.  On a visit to the 4WD Supa Centre last year, I noticed they had on display this thing called a gazebo tent.  Looked OK; as it basically created a room, a conservatory, by attaching to the gazebo frame.  Lightweight walls, generous screened windows, fully sewn in floor.  Privacy and shelter.

We go about the job of putting it up for the first time.  Not really sure if it will all fit, but it does come together.  We are lucky, as the strong wind is bringing in brief showers.  We manage to time it between showers.

After guying down the gazebo tent; and checking it out we put up the rooftop tent.  Move the camping fridge into the gazebo tent, along with some chairs, tables, food.  A very comfortable setup.

Sunday Night

Marise cooks up a beautiful barbecue on the skottel; a gas heated cook top that looks like a giant wok.  This outdoor cooking gear is part of her South African heritage.  I’d not seen one before, but it works incredibly well.  Really don’t need a lot of camp cooking gear because it’s so flexible in what foods can be cooked with it.

Even though the wind is blowing, we decide to light a fire. It has yet to hit the gusts we’ll experience in the early hours of the next morning.  Just for the companionship and atmosphere.   The Lodge provides firewood at $20 a bag.  Sitting around the fire, sipping port and eating ginger nut biscuits topped with blue cheese watching the flames lick up into the night.


After broken sleep through the night, listening to the endless buffeting from the wind, I look out through the window of the rooftop tent.  I spot the large branch that I heard drop in the night.  Glad it landed where it did.

Again, walked around to take a look.  All good.

We take it easy for the morning, after having had a delicious hot breakfast up at The Lodge in the Clifftop Dining Room ($30 per person).   No better way to start the day than panoramic views over the Border Ranges.

We make the best of a break in the weather, and walk down to Bellbird Lookout. It’s not a long walk, but it gives us the chance to stretch our legs and take in the views out to Egg Rock and Turtle Rock.

Later in the evening, we go up the Clifftop Dining Room for a quiet birthday celebration (mine).  Couldn’t think of a better place to do so.

Got the campsite fire going again.  The wind had lost a lot of its punch, so we made the most of it.

Up into the rooftop tent, this time for a good, restful sleep.  Rained on and off through the night, but we stayed dry.  We did discover some water inside the gazebo tent.  Not a lot, but given the lightweight nature of the material used for the walls and the extreme wind conditions, not surprising.  It has shown the need to look at some waterproofing on the walls.

Tuesday Morning

We break camp, pack everything away and get set for the drive back.  We call into Canungra for a coffee break, before heading back to the Gold Coast.

Wrap Up

The Pod Trailer, roof top tent and gazebo tent setup so far has worked well. It provides us with reasonable comforts, privacy and a high level of flexibility as to ways we can configure any campsite, depending on how long we intend to stay.  It will need further fine tuning as time goes on, for sure.  However, so far so good.

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