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Best Family Tents, Australia

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Camping can be a lot more fun when you’re with your family. However, it might become challenging if you bring the wrong tent with you. This guide will help you find the best family tent for your next adventure. 

There are a lot of family tents available nowadays with a variety of features and sizes, but how do you determine which one is the best tent for your family? 

 We have everything you need, from a 4P family tent to a 12P family tent, as well as the fastest and the easiest tent to set up on the market. But there are several factors to consider when selecting a family tent, which I will discuss in this guide.

  • Types of tent
  • Sizes
  • Quality
  • Features

This family tent review will help you find exactly what you need, so just keep on reading.

The Best Family Tent, Australia 2022 – Comparison Table

Here is a quick summary of all the family tents reviewed in our guide. With the help of this table, you can easily evaluate the best family tents that are available out there and their features.

ProductImageMini ReviewCheck Latest Prices
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Oztrail Tasman 4V Dome Tent• ( 3 season)
• Compact Design
• Excellent Quality
• Waterproof & Weatherproof
• Can withstand Strong winds
• Lightweight
• Great for moderate to tropical conditions
Moon Lence 4 Person Pop-up Tent• (3 Season)
• Easy Set-up
• Lightweight
• Waterproof & Weatherproof
• 2 Large doors
• Good Quality
• Ideal for moderate to tropical conditions
Oztrail Seascape Dome Tent• (3-4 Season)
• Excellent Quality
• Stable
• Waterproof & Weatherproof
• Three room dome design
• Easy to set-up
• Ideal for cool to tropical conditions.
• Spacious
Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room• (4 Season)
• Features a Separate fully-screened Room
• Great Quality
• Spacious
• Waterproof & Weatherproof
• Great Headroom
• Hinged door
• Ideal for all types of weather conditions.
Coleman Elite Montana Cabin Tent• (3 Season)
• Great Quality
• Built-in LED lights
• Spacious
• Waterproof & Weatherproof
• Hinged door
• Easy Set-up
• Ideal for moderate weather conditions.
Weisshorn Instant-Up Camping Tent• (3-4 Season)
• Great Quality
• Easy to Set-up
• Waterproof and Weatherproof
• Roomy
• Excellent ventilation
• Ideal for all types of weather conditions.
Coleman Instant-Up Gold Series Tent• (3 Season)
• Excellent Quality
• Roomy
• Waterproof & Weatherproof
• Easy to Set-up
• Excellent ventilation
• 4 entry points
• Room Dividers
• Ideal for Moderate to tropical conditions.
Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame Tent • (4 Season)
• Excellent Quality
• Built-in LED lights
• 4 rooms
• Spacious
• Great Headroom
• With blockout coating.
• Ideal for all types of weather conditions.
Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room• (3 Season)
• Great Quality, Stable
• Weatherproof & Waterproof
• Easy to Set-up
• The tent frame can withstand 35+ MPH winds
• Spacious
• Ideal for Moderate to tropical conditions.
Oztrail Family Dome Tent• (4 Season)
• 4 Rooms
• Spacious
• Excellent Ventilation
• Great Headroom
• Plenty of Storage
• Ideal for all types of weather conditions.

Types of tents

I’ve reviewed three types of tents in this guide, which are the dome tent, the cabin tent, and the instant-up tent.

The Dome Tent is one of the most popular styles when it comes to tents for family camping. These tents provide more durability and stability for heavy weather situations, as well as added peace of mind and comfort, particularly during a storm. They are towering in the center, so there is great headroom. It is easy to assemble, depending on its design. Thanks to its interlocking pole system, the assembly is easy.

The Cabin Tent, particularly the 6P-12P sized cabin tent, is ideal for large families or those who prefer a more spacious living environment. The tent’s structure, with nearly vertical sides and a towering height, allows you to move freely as well as maximize space, but they’re not that stable when it comes to very heavy weather conditions since they may not be sturdy enough for strong winds. Some cabin tents often come with room dividers, providing each camper with privacy.

Instant Up tents are great for beginners as the structure of the tent is pre-attached, making it simple to setup. This also has great headroom and enough space depending on the size of your family. These tents are ideal for moderate weather but are not sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Things to consider in buying


Size and Number of people

There are a variety of family tent sizes available. The sleeping capacity of family tents is indicated, giving you an estimate of their size. However, if you need extra room, consider increasing the tent’s capacity.

But, you must be cautious about the size of your tent, since the larger it is, the heavier it becomes.

Weight and Length

One of the most important things to consider in choosing a family tent is weight. It’s best to check the weight of your tent before purchasing it. It is also important to consider the length of the tent so that you can sleep comfortably and have enough space to stretch without feeling cramped.

Material Quality

The material used to construct the tent also impacts its durability, so it is critical that you inspect the material. Cotton, usually known as canvas, is the material most commonly used since it is breathable and quickly decreases moisture. However, it is heavy and it may be hard to take care of. If it’s not treated properly, it can damage easily.

Other materials include nylon and polyester, which are lightweight and compact. However, they are not as breathable as canvas and are not effective insulators. When picking this kind of material, make sure it has a PU coating and includes UV protection for further protection.

Also, consider tents with a high waterproof rating and higher-denier fabric.

Weather and Season

If you’re a backpacker and planning to use the tent all year, a 4 season tent is perfect for you as they are built with materials that can withstand heavy weather conditions, particularly in the winter season.

Other Features to Consider:

Doors: It would be ideal to have multiple, large, and easily accessible doors so that you don’t bump into each other when entering and exiting the tent.

Ventilation: Be sure to check the number of windows/vents to provide enough airflow inside the tent, especially on hot days.

Pockets: With the inside pockets, you can keep your items safely organized and will save time looking for your things.

Mesh: Keep bugs out of your tent.

Groundsheet: Most tents do not come with one, but you may buy one. This is great to put under the tent for protection against moisture and from ground debris that may damage your tent.

Lights: Having built-in lights would be very convenient and helpful, especially at night.

Family Tents Reviews

Oztrail Tasman 4V dome tent

If you’re looking for a great entry-level tent, then the Oztrail Tasman 4v is perfect for you. This tent can accommodate a family of four. It is lightweight and simple to build because of its cross pole structure, which strengthens the tent and allows water to slide off rather than load on the canvas.

There are two easy-access doors with Easy Step D Doors that minimize tripping, as well as No-See-Um mesh in all windows for a bug-free atmosphere. This tent is designed to endure high winds and is perfect for tropical areas due to the inside tent’s polyester construction, which allows enough airflow on hot evenings.

For added waterproofing, it features a DryFloor heavy-duty PE bucket floor. The fly fabric has been protected with a silver-coated UVTex 2000, which provides exceptional weather protection. The corners of the tent floor are constructed with a durable multi-layered PE lamination that is welded, instead of stitching, to provide extra waterproofness and durability.

The Oztrail Tasman 4V Dome Tent is backed by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

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Moon Lence Pop-up Tent

This easy to set-up pop up tent can accommodate 4 Persons. This is great for individuals who wish to spend less time setting up a tent and more time enjoying it.

It has two large doors with dual zippers as well as two mesh windows on the sides. For better air circulation, there’s an additional mesh window on top.

Made of 190T PU material with 2000mm water resistance. The tent has great wind resistance thanks to its 10 lightweight Alloy Pegs and 4 Guy Ropes for extra stability. The tent cover is waterproof.

Click here to read more reviews and check the current price.

Oztrail Seascape Dome Tent

Looking for a tent that can fit your large family? The Oztrail Seascape tent is perfect for you. This tent can accommodate up to 10 people, featuring a three-room dome design.

It has easy access front D-Doors that feature Easy Step D Doors to reduce the risk of tripping. The inner tent is made of polyester and there are large window panels with No-See-Um mesh on the inside, which helps keep the bugs out as well as provides better ventilation inside.

The fly fabric has been treated with a silver-coated UVTex 2000, which helps reflect heat, keeping the tent cool on the inside. For waterproofness, the floor is constructed of DryFloor heavy-duty PE bucket flooring. It comes with Tentsile Tabs with J-Hooks for an easy set-up. There are organizer pouches to keep your things and lantern hooks inside.

The Oztrail Seascape Dome Tent is backed by a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room

You will have plenty of room and comfort in this Coleman cabin-style tent. With a height of 80 inches, you’ll be able to walk around inside the tent without hunching over. This tent can accommodate 2 queen-sized beds and can fit 6 people.

The inside is quite comfortable because of its huge mesh windows that help increase the airflow inside. You can have two different rooms inside thanks to its detachable divider, and it has some organizer pouches for storing your belongings. It has a separate floorless, completely screened room so you can enjoy the view outside while keeping the insects away.

This tent is made of Polyguard fabric and was built using the WeatherTec system, which features a welded floor and inverted seams for extra waterproofing. The fly just partially covers the door and the large windows on either side, creating mini awnings. This tent features a hinged door that just swings open as you enter and exit the tent, closing the door on its own.

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Coleman Elite Montana Cabin Tent

If you’re going on a camping vacation with a large group, the Coleman Montana Elite tent is ideal. It features a modest cabin-like design, yet when completely assembled, it is spacious enough to fit 3 queen-sized beds and it can accommodate 8 people. This tent features a built-in LED lighting system and E-Port that allows you to easily bring electrical power inside.

This tent is made of Polyguard fabric and was built using the WeatherTec system, which features a welded floor and inverted seams for extra waterproofing. It also includes a rainfly that also provides an extended door awning for added weather protection.

Although the windows in this tent aren’t very large, one of its finest characteristics is that the mesh windows are angled, allowing you to open them for more ventilation without letting any water inside.

Its convenient hinged entryway is another excellent feature, making it easy to get in and out of the tent. This is a three-season tent, best suited to calm weather and light rain.

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Weisshorn Instant-Up Camping Tent

With the instant-up Weisshorn camping tent, you can now build the tent in less time and enjoy it more thanks to its pre-attached frame that can be easily set up. This tent can accommodate 4 people. It features an entrance shade awning where you can keep your other camping gear.

The tent is made of 210T Polyester and has a heavy-duty silver-coated PU3000mm for added protection. The thick waterproof floor prevents rainwater from evaporating from the ground. It has a large zippered entrance and windows with mesh screens to keep bugs out while also allowing good ventilation.

The Weisshorn Instant-Up Camping Tent comes with 12 months warranty.

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Coleman Instant Up 10P Gold Series Tent

This tent not only provides a great quantity of room but also takes less time to construct due to its instant-up hub frame design. It’ll take you only 3 minutes to put up.

The inside of the tent is big enough to accommodate 10 people and includes pockets to store your things. It is made of 75/185D ripstop polyester, and the fly fabric has a rating of 3000mm waterhead.

There are several large doors and windows with ultra-fine mesh to keep the insects from coming inside the tent. It features Coleman circle ventilation for added airflow, which is great during warm weather.

You may divide the room into two different bedrooms by using the divider, and each room has its own doors. It comes with a mat and five awning poles to provide additional shelter with its awning.

This Tent is backed by Coleman’s 2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Click here to read more reviews and check the current price.

Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame Tent

Oztrail offers you their new tent with the fastest frame system. Simply set it up in minutes. It features 4 multi-rooms with zippered internal dividers and can accommodate up to 12 people. The triple hub frame system gives you great headroom. It has a built-in LED light with high/low options and a nightlight setting.

The fly is made of ripstop polyester with a 3000mm waterhead rating and is coated with a BlockOut coating that blocks sunlight for a good night’s sleep as well as minimizes heat. For additional waterproofing, the Polyoxford floor is coated with heavy-duty PVC.

This tent includes huge doors in the front, side, and back for convenient access, as well as windows with No-See-Um Mesh to keep the bugs out. It also has climatech vents for increased ventilation inside and a zippered access port for adding the necessary appliances such as heaters to your tent.

The Oztrail Lumos Fast Frame Tent comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Coleman Evanston Dome Camping Tent

With the Coleman Dome tent, outdoor experiences will take on a completely unique view. This tent has a floor area of 10 x 9 ft. with 10 x 5 ft. screen room and a center height of 5ft 8in, and is spacious enough to fits 2 queen sized beds .This tent can accommodate up to 6 people. The tent can be set-up easily thanks to its snag-free continuous pole sleeves.

It is made from a polyguard fabric and was constructed using a WeatherTec System, which features a welded floor and inverted seams to help keep you dry. There is only 1 door at the entrance and 2 windows with mesh to protect you from the insects. Its frame has proven strong enough to resist winds at 35+ mph.

It includes a rainfly for added protection, and there are some pockets for your storage inside the tent.

The Coleman Evanston Dome Camping Tent is backed by a 1-year Warranty.

Click here to read more reviews and check the current price.

Oztrail Family Dome Tent

Bring the comfort of your home into the outdoors with this spacious Oztrail Family Dome Tent. This tent offers you a great amount of headroom as well as its room capacity. It provides you with 4 rooms, including two bedrooms, a living room, and a sunroom. It can accommodate up to 12 people.

The inner tent is made of polyester and the fly fabric is 100% polyester ripstop fly fabric w/ UVTex that adds extra weather protection. The floor is made of a heavy-duty PE floor. It offers great ventilation with its large rear and side windows that are protected with a mesh to keep the bugs out. There is an awning on the front, back, and side doors.

This tent features an overhead loft gear net as well as side wall pockets for storage. The two awning poles and a carry bag are included.

The Oztrail Family Dome Tent is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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